Moesia's Drop Down Menu doesn't always work upon tap on mobile

Hi there, hope everything is going ok for you guys.
I have noticed on an iPhone 6S Plus that the drop down menu doesn’t always work upon a tap. Especially after going to another page on the site.

For instance if I am on the home page and tap blog and then tap on the individual blog article, then once I arrive at the blog article and then tap the menu, nothing drops down as if it doesn’t work.

It is only after I refresh it is when the menu works like usual, it doesn’t happen all the time, which is the weird and strange part, but most of the time it doesn’t work after tapping though a few pages, and then when it stops working a refresh makes it work again?

Hello there,

Could you please share your site link here, so that I can try it on my device to help me inspect the trouble? If you want it to remain private, share it to and mention the link to this topic to help me recognize it’s yours.