Moesia White Backend


i have a little Problem.
If i install a Plugin (Jetpack or Social Plugin) then is the Admin Backend Site white… if i delete the plugin folder via ftp, is it normal. can help?


Pretty sure it’s not theme related. Disable your other plugins for a bit and check.

i had tryed same plugins with other Themes and it’s worked :frowning:

You tried right now or in the past?
If you tried now please send me an admin account to vlad[at] so I can have a look. Also stick around in case you need to delete via FTP. You made any PHP changes to the theme?

Ok u have a E-Mail

Tank u Vlad :slight_smile:

I can’t install Jetpack because the folder is still there so I can’t really check what’s wrong. But after you remove it you should try with the main theme active, perhaps you have some errors in your child theme.

Nevermind, now I read your second email about trying with the main theme. Delete the Jetpack folder and I’ll see. But the theme works for sure with Jetpack, it’s even installed on our demo site.

Ok, i had delete. Have you Skype? -> Huibuh2010
it’s better to talk
NextGenGallery is same Problem about 3 Days ago.

Well, I just installed and activated Skype without issues with the parent theme. Switch to the child when you’re ready and see if it breaks.

it’s work… wtf, we have really tried so many tests, no idea but i had 2 plugins delete (social media follow or so), i think this plugins crashed anything… thank you vlad :slight_smile: have a nice day

edit: blank side now with child_theme on frontend :frowning:
backend works now but not frontend after child activate

Do you have any code changes in the header.php in the child theme? Or why exactly do you have it there?

i have now activate original theme from moesia and is remains blank
in child is only scroll-beam, animation text “to scroll” and little bigger menu text size.

have now delete “jetpack” from ftp and it works now

I deactivated some of your plugins and installed and activated Jetpack with the child theme and it works fine. So the issue must be one of the plugins.

have u ask blank side if you try change theme via


I see you changed it and it works?

can u plz try Design->Customize and have you preview?


mh :frowning: