Moesia update changelog?


I see that there’s a new version of your theme.

Is there a changelog available to read?


Not sure what changed, but don’t update until they release the next version, the current release (1.47) has a fatal syntax error.

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Hello, sorry for delay.

Moesia theme changelog is available here:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

WordPress automatically updated the theme and I have the fatal syntac error.

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘if’ (T_IF), expecting ‘)’ in /home2/jaiko/public_html/ on line 406

how do I get around it? I can’t access my admin panel.

A prompt response would be appreciated.

fixed the issue myself… downloaded the theme again from athemes and uploaded the functions.php file to the server.

You need to remove the entire moesia folder via FTP or SFTP (or have your webhost do it if that’s beyond you). They already fixed Moesia Pro, so I’m guessing they have fixed the free version also.