Moesia Projects

Have a bug with moesia projects - feature images aren’t appearing on home page but do appear when the magnifier is clicked…
images are .jpg

Seems no images are rendering on front page either in projects nor posts. They are appearing on post pages and project pages though.
After doing lots of testing I think it was the theme update that has caused this bug - can you send me the previous version to install and reverse the update please.

Hi. is anyone monitoring this channel?


sorry for late response.

I just visit your site and seems like the feature image are displayed. Did you already resolved it?

Previously, we have an issue with Types plugin that cause the feature image crash

Hi, no not fixed.

I’ve just taken the images out of the new posts so that viewers didn’t see
a bug (whilst waiting for a reply).

I’ve already got types installed. are you suggesting I uninstall it? You
initial set up for moiesa said I should install and import a file (which I

ps also checked and types has updated as well - so have version which fixes feature image display

If I am not wrong, this is your project session right ?

yes, i’ve made the projects with new images draft as they were not showing. See - scroll to testimonials - one of the images there is not appearing - this is how new posts and the projects looked.

I am not sure what cause it, but have you try to re-upload your image? bcoz when I try to access this image (from testimonial) by copy + paste in the address bar of the browser, the image was not found.

Hi Awan

I can now reload the images and they appear on homepage - both in posts and projects.

Thanks for you help.