Moesia Projects cannot display full width, but instead as blog

I am creating the page on hostgator and cannot get the projects page to display as full page, although the template is set to full page.
With my previous hosting provider had no problems and the projects page was diplayed as a gallery with a link/zoom option. Any ideas how i could overcome this? Many thanks.

Please close topic. Sorted out. I have deleted the page and created it again making sure the full width is selected at the time of creation. It worked.

Again me, so the question is still open - I have created the page again and the full page layout was fine. After some short time ( 10 mins or so) the projects page was back to the default template and changing the layout does not help at all. Did someone have a similar problem?

Hostgator Support was unable to help. Thank you.

Hi, your site is not letting me enter and see problem :slight_smile: please post screenshot or remove underconstruction index. So we can examine that problem and give you a proper solution.


Hello, sorry for late reply. In the meantime fixed the problem by uninstalling the theme and installing it again including the demo content.

The initial problem was caused by the fact that i have changed the status of the blog page assigned to static front page from “Public” to “Private”.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

you are welcome happy to see its fixed now.