Moesia Pro upgrade

I love what I can do with this theme and like what the pro version has to offer.

Before I install i’m worried about my child theme. I have created a Moesia Child and have created my website on it. How do I go about running the upgrade but keeping the child theme in place?

Would it be as simple as updating the style.css file with the new theme info once I have upgraded?



Yeap, you just switch Template: moesia to Template: moesia-pro.

Thanks, all sorted

Hey Vlad–

I am doing the same thing - trying to upgrade child theme to mouse pro, but customizer is still Moesia free version. I saw something about importing settings, but not sure where to get the customizer settings from.

Thanks in advance.



There aren’t any settings to import for the Customizer. Can you post the code for your child’s style.css? Just the header.