Moesia Pro problems with safari

Hi Vlad,
My website doesnt work properly on safari anymore… It did before… the revo slider on the frontpage is not fullwidth anymore and loading very slowly. it is built with revo slider 5.06 and just choosing standard formats: standard slider / full-screen without changing these formats.
and the background of the moesia services (background image) is not showing -this is the first widget on the frontpage.and it is very difficult to scroll the frontpage.

i opened a new topic for this because it is about safari, but please also see my last question in “revolution slider not working after update” because there is a serious issue, as it is not performing correctly on the frontpage (on other pages yes). and i could not figure out why…

please advise… i desperately need my website to function properlyl.thanks a lot


Not really sure what to say about the slider. I checked in Safari and it looks and loads fine. Have you resolved it? What Safari version are you using?

About the background image, perhaps it started to conflict with some other new propriety you have on your site. Anyway, do this to fix it:

#pg-6-0 .panel-row-style {
       position: static;

safari 5.1.7. for windows
seems to be the latest, 9.0 is for mac

great, that worked for the background image, services widget - thanks

but the revo sliders with video are still cut at the sides - see header…
what to do?

Ahh, the slide with the video is indeed cut off. Safari for Windows isn’t supported /updated for almost 4 years now and it will never be again so don’t worry about it. There’s nothing that can be done anyway.