Moesia Pro Migration


Hello I just finished migrating my Moesia Pro Wordpress Installation from a subdomain to the root domain. My revolution slider has gone back to default and my main page also has no content. When I load the page in developer mode I see it is throwing a bunch of css errors. Any idea how to fix?




Can’t really help because I don’t know how you migrated. Obviously, something went wrong so you should probably try again or use a different way of migrating.


Ok sounds good. I just went ahead and started from scratch at the new url. Things are going mostly well resetting it. One thing I’ve noticed though is that the PB widgets are missing (the one I need being pricebox) is there a reason why they wouldn’t show up?


Hmm, I still see them in the latest version of PB. They’re in the Page Builder tab. Also, we’ve bundled a premium shortcodes plugin a week ago in Moesia Pro which also provides some cool stuff, including a pricebox: