Moesia Pro is not Mobile Friendly

Do you guys plan on making this website mobile friendly? Google is going to start penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly on April 21, 2015 and I do not want to lose my rankings in Google.

Hey, Moesia pro is Mobile friendly, check the test results :slight_smile:

If you mean for your clevelandseo website than the results shown there are not correct. The tool isn’t loading the resources so without a stylesheet to make it responsive the testing tool will declare it unfriendly.

Why the tool isn’t loading the resources on your site is something that we cannot know or control. But as suggested on the testing page, you should try again later.

Did two more tests on your website and they both showed that your website is mobile-friendly.

I really don’t understand why the tool isn’t loading the resources on my site either but I will try again later because it failed the first test. This is a subject I don’t mind being wrong about. Thanks for the quick response.

I retested my site and it passed this time. Like I said before I’d rather be wrong than right about this issue. Thanks