Moesia Pro Footer Credits Modification


I can’t find anything in your documentation about “credits” in the footer and I don’t see a widget that modifies or hides your company credit.

I’m using Moesia Pro (disappointing out of the gate for many reasons)…but if I can just put my own company credit in the footer, I’ll let the rest of it go.

So, how do I remove your company credit in the footer and embed my own company information? The site is not yet live, so if you can email me instructions, I’ll work it out.

Thank you!

Anaiis Salles
Tech Talk Cooperative


I’ve sent you an email.

Hi Vlad,

Not that I have investigated whether I can just remove it from the code, I would also like to get the email about this.

Thanks so much!


The option to add your own credits has been available for a long time now in the Customizer.

Thanks, and so sorry to waste your time because I have since found it.

No worries, glad you were able to locate it.

Same question here. I’ve tried to change the credits but my site broke down (twice), even when I used Child Theme. I have little understanding of php or css. Is there an easy way?

@kanjijvoormij there’s a “Footer Credits” option on the left.


Thanks, but when I customize the footer the website breaks down?

That’s bazaar…

@kanjijvoormij: are you using the free or paid version of Moesia?

free version, so no pro