MOesia Pro demo content not able to install

So I have been trying to set up the Moesia Pro onto my new site. I followed your docuemntations steps one more time and for some reading the wp importer doe snot work with the setting10.xml. I would like to have this site as it was on the sample one, can anyone help me, please?

Another question: I purchased this theme last year before you started your new pricing plan. I plan to use this theme for one of my domains. I had it for my primary domain as well, but since we lost all data when migrating to a new server.I have deactivated this theme from my old domain and I wanted to use the theme for my present domain, except that the system doesnt seem to recognize the dec=mo content in your page. What should I do to be able to get my sample contact how it used to be/ Oiunters are highly recommended.


If you want to import the Moesia Demo Data, then you must use moesia-demo.xml, not setting10.xml, the demo data file you can download from point 4, from Our documentation:

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