Moesia not working on IE 11


I am testing Moesia on Windows 8.1 x64 with IE 11 (latest) and there is a weird problem. When I load a page, even your own page on
all looks good at first but if you scroll down (using the scroll thing on my mouse), the “services” section jumps all the way to the right which makes 75% of the area just look grey like the background colour and the rest just disappears.

When reloading (CTRL+F5) it jumps back into place but jumps right out of place again when you scroll up and down a couple of times. If I could upload a screenshot I would do it but I can’t attach it here.

Please check your own site with IE 11, scroll up and down a couple of times, you can see it’s borked up. Hope you can fix this.


Thank you for reporting this.

It seems that this happened only when scrolling back up and it happened to the first section. In the case of our demo it was Services.

Anyway, it was a lack of proper handling from IE of negative margins in this case.

We were planning to submit an update today and we’re going to include the fix for this.

Kindly have another look at the demo site and let me know if it’s alright for you too now.


Hi Vlad,

It works now for your site but not for mine :slight_smile:
When and where can we download a fix? That will be 1.09 or something?

Ps. I really like the theme and thanks for the fast response!

Kind regards,


You can get the 1.09 version from here:

Thanks. Is there a way of retaining my configuration when I update? Or do I have to delete the whole directory and start over?

Kind regards,


You need to delete your whole directory because you’ll be updating manually but your configuration is saved in the database so you won’t lose anything.