Moesia mobile drop down menu

I really love your theme, i have used it to create my website However, the mobile dropdown menu does not work on my windows phone and iphone. What is wrong?

Hi, I would gladly like to help you but if you follow this link and enter your site URL you will see a good amount of errors.

You obviously played a little with the template files, and now some vital HTML tags are broken. Issue can be from entering content for post and pages via text editor too. First you must find and fix your mistake and menu will surely begin to work.

Note: good amount of websites have errors when they are checked and mostly these errors are not crucial, but yours errors are breaking the theme.

Some guidelines:

Change all HTML tags in lowercase like </BR> to </br>, H4 to h4
Remove align= “center” from ex. <H4 align= “center”> , proper way would be <h4 style=“text-align: center;”>
And Unclosed elements are big issue - last 3 lines in W3C report.

Thanks a lot, i will work that through!

I managed to work through the error messages, however, the mobile dropdown menu still does not work…

Most likely there’s a js error. Im an phone so I cant check, but hit F12 and then ESC to see the error, it might be plugin related.

Thanks for the hint Vlad. Although there is no error, I carefully checked your page and bingo! File navigation.js is required for for handling drop down and your theme is not loading it.

@aa1984: reinstall the theme please and don’t change the theme files directly.

Thanks a lot guys for your help. I will check it out!