Moesia front page format gone mad

HELP PLEASE! Overnight the page format of the front page of my website (Moesia theme) has gone wrong - it’s basically tiling some of the rows of the homepage rather than having them in a continuous front page as before.
Yesterday the site was perfect and now I can’t see where the problem lies - has there been an update to the theme or something?
The website is
The rows are supposed to be:

  • Header
  • Social Media
  • Services
  • Blockquote widget
  • Special Offers (call to action widget)
  • Clients
    but it’s putting the middle 3 rows (services to special offers) side by side instead!
    Any help would be much appreciated as I’ll probably need to take it offline otherwise it looks so bad!
    The only thing that changed over the last couple of days was me installing Jetpack but I didn’t ask it to do anything in particular.
    Many thanks, Alan

Hi again, just tried deactivating Jetpack (I just have the free plan) and the format has returned to normal! Have you any idea which service within Jetpack might be messing with the format of the page?
Thanks, Alan

Hello Alan,

I’ve just tried to activate Jetpack on my local Moesia install and I didn’t notice such problem. But I’ll add this issue to our list, so maybe we’ll notice something while troubleshooting before next theme update. Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,
Thanks for your reply.
Well the main thing is that I can get rid of the problem by deactivating the plugin, but its a shame as some of the Jetpack features are useful. I’ll raise the issue with the Jetpack team and see if they have any ideas.
Meanwhile if you find any more information about this issue please let me know!
All the best

Okay Alan, you are welcome!

Kind Regards, Roman.