Moesia fp widgets seo support

Launched my site but the SEO is underperforming despite using the yoast pluging and optimising the site and some pages.

I’m thinking that google is not “seeing” the text on the services FP widgets (aka “wow” / “bounce in down” widgets) which are used quite a lot on the site with keywords that google needs to see to for the site to rank better.

Is there a way to make the text visible to web crawlers?

Is there an alt-text which google can use? Obviously i dont want to repeat the text on page just for SEO purposes.

Thanks for a great theme btw!


Most of them aren’t hidden (as in, display: none;), they’re just invisible until they show up. Go to Customize > General and disable the animations and see if it helps.

Hi Vlad

Thanks for the response

Actually it appears you are right. The thing that has been throwing me is the yoast plugin doesn’t report the keywords that are used in the widget so it made me think they weren’t being counted. I just checked the site against this and the counts do include the widgets

Maybe worth mentioning to Yoast that it doesn’t consider your widgets in its SEO.