Moesia FP contact not working

I’m having trouble with the contact widget.

All it shows for me is the map but not the form itself. Each time I go back to check the settings the ID form field shows 0 instead of the code generated from contact form 7 plugin.

Here’s a couple of pics to explain…



The ID is just the number, not the whole shortcode. You probably added the whole shortcode. That field is sanitized for security reasons so any non-integer is set to 0.

Thats the one, cheers Vlad!

Hi Vlad,
Is it possible to play around with the size of the map shown on the contact form?

You mean the height? Or you want to redistribute the width between the map and the form also? Use this in your child theme for the height:

#map {
     height: 260px;

Sorry yes the height, thanks. I’ve added a captcha code so want it to fill the new depth.