Moesia Contact Info Widget Email Field

What I’m gonna ask will sound a bit weird. But for our business we’re using our facebook page. So I don’t wanna use any actual email address in the Moesia Contact, I want to link a facebook page.

Like <html code> Inbox us at facebook</html code>

Can this be done anyhow? Cause now if I add html tags inside the email field, it doesn’t accept it.

Yeap, because that field is sanitized and it only allows an email address. But the changes are minor, I’ve made them here. Copy all the code from there and replace it in contact-info.php. You might want to do this in a child theme, if not you’d probably have to replace it again after the theme updates.

How can I do that inside a child theme? No idea. Tq for the quickfix!

It’s not very easy to do if you haven’t played with this things before. Have a look here. You basically need to unregister the widget from the main theme and register your own from the child theme. Can’t help more than I already written on the topic I linked because we don’t really handle PHP customizations on the forums.