Moesia Code View


I’m using Moesia and I’d like to know where can I find the code to make some changes (size of the divs that create the menu, align of some elements, etc.)


Hi Sara,

Can you please to describe it more details? So I can help you to inspect the element which you want to changes.

You can post the URL of your site here and tell me which section you want to change.

Hi Awan,

The point is that I want to make some changes in some of the sections of the theme.
When I’ve worked with other themes, in the admin section I had an option at “Aparence > Editor” where I can see all the documents: .html; .css; .php … all of them, but I can’t find this option at the Moesia theme.

I hope that, with these info, you can help me a little, because the theme is perfect for my needs :smiley:



Sorry for delays.
Is your site using multisite setting? if so, you’ve to open the theme list from the dashboard and you’ll see the “Edit” link for the theme.