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this might be a very dumb question since I am not experienced in using wordpress themes at all, but I can’t seem to figure out which type of module to add in the live composer to get something like the three images with hover title and with text under them and read more as seen on this website
I know I can customise the size the way I want it by making it 4/12 but should I make it a project module? a blog post? a single image gallery? And under the image, how do I get the text to fit nicely in the shape, only being aborted by a …read more…
I basically want the exact same thing with the three images as they have on their site, can someone give me a tip how to go about it?

thanks so much, Dag

OK, I think I figured it out now. It needs to be a post with the thumbnail being the image I associated with it in the dashboard and when I uncheck all the metadata options and add an excerpt I can produce the same effect as those three images on that website I mentioned. Next step is to figure out how to make a post look like a normal webpage, as I want new page to open when you click on the post, not a blogpost sort of page, with date and author etc. Just a normal page.


Doesn’t look like you’re using West anymore. Anyway, in case anybody else is wondering about this: Customize > Blog options > Meta and you can hide the date etc. You can also disable the sidebar from there.

Hello Vlad, wow, it’s really you! I didn’t think you would answer! I love your theme, you are so clever you can build such a thing. I build furniture and accessories, I don’t know anything about building things on computers… Why do you think I am not using your West theme? I am! I love it. Just hope I will figure out how to use it, until now I only have figured out how to make the static front page. I don’t get the difference between gallery, blogpost, post and project modules yet. But we’ll get there eventually :wink:

Thank you so much for building the theme!

Can I also hire you to talk to you on Skype if I share my screen with you and show you what my problem is with figuring out my site structure?


Sorry, I misread. I thought that link you shared was yours.
Posts and pages are defaults that WordPress provides. The others (gallery, projects etc) are provided by Live Composer.
You can post your link here to see what you have so far.