Hi everyone, I have installed Moesia at localhost, installed the latest settings and added some sections to my front page. On the desktop it looks great, nice animations, parallax images the lot, but none of this works when I view it on my iPad.

In Chrome mobile everything is fixed and scrolls, in Safari Mobile the menu scrolls and stops at the top, but everything else is fixed, no animations, no parallax images.

Have I missed a setting somewhere, is there a solution to this, or is my search for a one-page theme still not finished? Any help appreciated.

Parallax is disabled on mobile devices because it’s not well supported on the majority of them. Don’t know why animations aren’t working for you, they work fine on iphone.

Thanks for your reply. I have continued to add content, have not changed any settings, and now I sometimes have animations and sometimes the whole page just loads at the same time.

I have now tried it with my iPod Touch 5 and you are right that the animations run fine, but the iPad is behaving more erratic. Sometimes the whole page just loads everything at the start, no animations but all content is visible. Other times I get animations but scrolling to a new section it can sit with a blank section for 4 or 5 seconds before even the title appears, and then I get the animation.

In Safari the menu stops at the top when scrolling, in Chrome the menu disappears and then sometimes appears at the top of the screen when I am much further down the page.

The iPod is still running iOS7 but the iPad is updated to iOS8. I have read about networking issues, perhaps this is cause of this erratic behaviour, I cannot think of anything else at the moment.

Despite these issues I am sticking with the theme because when it works it looks very professional and I am hoping I will be able to resolve these issues without too much stress :slight_smile: Thanks.