Mobile view - white margin on the right side (only on content pages)

Hi there,

I am using a modified rocked-template with the widget-sidebar on the right side for my blog. On desktops everything is working fine. But wether I took a look at my blog with a smartphone (samsung, huawei, iphone) or tablet (ipad) - also when I reduce the width of the browser-window) - there will appear a small, white margin on the right side of the content over the entire page. But only on content-pages (posts and sites). (Sidebar flows under the content.) So I examined the whole style-sheet, but I didn’t find a possible reason for this. I also tried the original rocked-template with the same margin of the right side.

Does anybody else have the same problem or where can a change any entries to reduce this margin?

Greetings, Thomas

Hello there,

I don’t find this issue appear on my test site. Please share your site link here, so I can have a look.


Hello Kharis,

Recently I’ve tried various browser/computers/devices - on some the margin appears, on others everything is ok.

Link to the Website: (I’m using a modified Rocked-Theme, but with the original Rocked-Theme the same margin appears on the right side - best visible right of the header).

Screenshot of the margin


I am sorry, I can’t find this issue appears on my web browser. But, please try adding the below CSS code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. Let me know how it resolves this issue.

body {
  overflow-x: hidden;


It seems working fine - thanks for this solution!