Mobile view not showing after installing child theme


I installed the Sydney Child theme and afterwards the MOBILE view is not showing.

The mobile view is now only showing the changes I had done before installing the child theme.

So how do i get the mobile view to show the current and updated website? Using a computer, desktop or a laptop the view is fine but only on the mobile is it not showing the current updates.

The Link for the website is


Hello there,

Please try clearing all cache or history in your mobile phone, then try reloading your site again. As sometimes cache loads older version of your site which’s temporarily saved in your browser’s cache/history.


Thanks for the reply.

However I tried that and tested with other browsers and different mobiles. It’s still not showing on mobile devices.

Strangely though, when I log in to the dashboard from the mobile, I can then see the current changes .

Seemed to have refreshed on its own now.