Mobile view changes

I have an issue where when viewing the site on a smartphone the phone number turns gray when I have it set to white. Works fine on desktop. The top and bottom blue bars have text in white, all text is white except the phone number:

Thanks for your help


I just checking your site from mobile device and the phone number already has white color. did you already fix it?

But if you still found that the phone number has grey color, you can use this css code:

@media screen and (max-width: 991px){
  .textwidget, .textwidget h4{
    color: white !important;

Thanks. It might just be iPhone, I do not have one but will add code and check this afternoon and let you know. Thank you!

See screenshots at

Nevermind, just realized what the problem is. iPhone turns phone number into a link so the color changed and when clicked it disappeared. Fixed other issue too. Thanks again for all your help.