Mobile view: Background image does not show up

When viewed on mobile about us page, scroll down to section displaying f%%%%$%$55 does not display background image.
Our site

Please assist

Hello there,

Background is not showing because you have some plugin which is offering desktop and mobile version, and when you switch to desktop, everything will be displayed fine. Theme is already responsive so you don’t have to use such plugins. Please identify this plugin and disable it.

All the Best!

Hello dimikjones,

Thank you for prompt reply.
After deactivating WP touch (responsive plugin) we find these issues on about us page of our site.
1 all text unalinged (all text has gone into individual lines rather than compressed) for mobile view.

2 silder image when scrolling on mobile enlarges then becomes smaller by itself.

Kindly advise

Hello again,

Theme is using bootstrap framework, and it is responsive by default. Your issue have happened because you have added padding to several widgets, and when I have disabled your pagging (this is live edit you will have to edit widgets and to remove padding), everything is displayed fine.

Although, theme is responsive, it cannot remove or alter additional padding or margin which is set on some row or widget. If you want additional padding on some widgets on large screens, you have to edit widget, and to add Widget class After this, you must create padding with custom css, and to target only large screens with css media rules

Try to remove mentioned padding, add widget class to for example F55 watches section, and I will generate necessary code for this section for you. In this way you will see how you should generate it for other sections.

All the Best!