Mobile View Appearance

Hi there,

I’m having difficulties solving my website view from mobile phone.

  1. How do i make sure that the page content, menu and footer aligned correctly? currently i have to scroll over to the right to see the menu and footer from mobile phone.
  2. How to get rid of the white space on top of the header and between the row in mobile view?

Here is my link

Thank you very much

Hello there,

> 1

I can’t experience the same issue on my test site width the basic setup. It looks like CSS Bootstrap script is loaded from the Image Mapper plugin you’ve been using. It overrides the default grid container width definition in the main theme’s Bootstrap script. Please deactivate this plugin temporarily to verify this. You should consult with the plugin author to fix this.

> 2

Please take a screenshot of that space, so I can be more exact. To attach an image in your reply, you’ll need to upload it first to the file hosting service such as


Hi Kharis,

Below are the screenshot:

  1. I need to remove the white space between the rows and on top the banner and move drop down menu into the banner
  2. Is there a way for me to reduce the font of the contact form in this mobile view that won’t affect the font on desktop view?

Thank you very much for your support.