Mobile version of site- shows massive white section below slider

My website -
Below my slider on mobile devices there is a massive white space which I do not want there. I just want the main page to be the slider like it appears on desktop version of the site on a PC.
Please help me thank you :slight_smile:

And also black space above the slider I want removed I just noticed it


Edit: I’ve edited my reply, I was looking at a different site, sorry about that.

The slider now scales down to the size of the images on mobile. You can only cover the white space with some black by adding this in Customize > Additional CSS:

body.home { background-color: #000; }

I will try that
But before it wasn’t an issue
It appeared as just a slider as the main page with no space above or below
Now it’s like it is now for some reason
Hopefully your CSS code works
I’ll send you the CSS coding I’ve added and maybe that will help you determine the problem as I’m not a great coder.

Before it wasn’t an issue because the slider was showing full screen on mobiles. Now we changed it so that it displays in a more responsive way, which is no longer full screen. It’s not related to the code you already have.

When is the update taking place so that i can revert to the old way so i can get rid of the space, many people are asking =)

When is the update im patiently waiting ? =)

It is already available. Install it and then go to Customize > Header Area > Header Slider and find the last option there.

Okay great thanks that was ultra fast well done!
Also, with my website
I have added CSS code to get rid of the footer, but i want to add a footer and just put my own text like for example
cheapcoinstore Copyright 2017

Please check my website on a mobile device
How do i get rid of that big black section on the header above the menu selector?
i want to completely hide that section it looks bad

You want to hide the mobile menu too? Or just what’s above it?

There is no option to add your own credits, maybe you can add a text widget there.

Just above Please

You can add this in Customize > Additional CSS

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
.header-wrap .col-md-4 {
    display: none;

Thanks works awesome

Also with my page
The PayPal Buy now table is way to wide
i want to narrow it down for desktop users, just like it appears on the mobile device
nice and narrow no waste of spaces thanks

Open a new topic please for further questions as we’ve move past the original issue.

I did the other day, customer service couldnt access my URL at the time , its fixed now but no response