Mobile Version Error

HI There,
I am using Quill theme for my portfolio website…Website works fine on Desktop but not on Mobile as the header text is getting truncated of pages except home page.

What could be the issue…?


Hi, can you explain this in detail? Getting truncated, like text is cut off? I tried to reproduce this, but all your pages are displayed fine on mobile resolutions. Have you tried different browser for mobile?

Hi There,
I have android internet browser, chrome browser and safari browser on Iphone 4s. Header text is not been displayed on other pages except Home page…
Details of error:-
Eminence photography is seen properly on home page like
But on other pages it seen in the following way:


Oh, that, well it is not quite an issue, but maybe it should be adjusted in next update. When slider is in use there is no padding around title, and when header image is used, left and right padding is 30px.

Funny, it occurred when I set exact text “EMINENCE PHOTOGRAPHY”, and for text for same amount of characters for ex. “ATHEMES COOL THEMESS” is displayed correctly :slight_smile:

Anyway, apply custom css below, and text will be in one line:

.site-branding {
  padding: 60px 0;

You can use simple custom css plugin or some other.

Thanks a ton dimikjones…