Mobile optimization

Hey! Just completed with my website, but it’s not mobile optimized :frowning:
what should i do?
can’t i set it to open the website on mobile ??
i mean like can’t i choose to have no mobile site and by default users open my website!!
please help :slight_smile:

Hi, I don’t understand you very well. Same theme (same website) is used for mobile devices and for desktop. Theme is built on Foundation - responsive framework so same page is opened when you access it for example with mobile but content is reordered so it fit the view on your device.

The point is to have flexibility and access from all devices.

what i meant is that if on my mobile phone(android) i search my website then i see the following website …


this is not the original theme, it is some other theme. and on top of that the front page of our theme intro has only widgets, which are not shown here. So i end up with a blank page titled front page.


Hmm, yes, I confirm that strange template on mobile, but can’t figure out from where it is coming from. If you check Intro DEMO page on mobile it will be shown OK.

I suggest you to disable all additional plugins (if any) except required ones. Also it can be compromised .htaccess file so maybe you should contact your hosting provider. Before that try to activate some of default WP themes and view them on mobile.

If I find something more regarding your issue I’ll let you know.

i guess i solved it by disabling few plugins. Thanx man. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I’m not sure which plugin to disable because I am using almost all of them.


Hello there,

Please share your page link with us so we can check what is the issue, try to explain what is your problem. If problem is plugin related, just disable all additional plugins one by one, and check your site every time. In this way you will be able to identify the culprit, and after that you can decide if you have to use problematic plugin or not.

Best Regards!

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All themes that are being offered by ATheme are mobile optimized. I myself using few of them on my client’s websites. It looks it is some plugin issue or you have embedded something from other source that is not responsive. AThemes works perfectly even with Godaddy $1 Web Hosting. I would suggest checking your plugins and other settings. It is not a theme related issue.

We got stuck in making the sydney theme responsive. as we have studied the block it shows we need to disable optimize your site for smart phone option in the dashboard>jetpack>settings. But we don’t find jetpack in our dashboard to do the same.

Can you please help me as where do I get it or how can make my sydney them responsive?

thanks for your support.

the themes are amazing. I applied this to my web page but it is not optimised in my android version 6.0. please provide me help if anyone has the answer.
iPhone Customer Care

Hi to all!

If there is some problems with optimization on touch devices, or for any theme related questions, forum rules are very simple. Post your own topic and share a link to your website so we can inspect page and the issue you are having and we will be glad to assist.

This topic will be marked as resolved since it is way too old.

Best Regards!

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