Mobile not correct

Hi There,

I made my website on a mac. Now i test the website on mobile but it is not working as it should…
The menu is seen over the header. The spaces between elements, tekst and the screen is not how i would like to see it. the alignment is not oke. I want the logo’s in a grid on mobile. And the blocks used in the pages are taking away the vision of the images beside. I want to fix this but i don’t know where to start. i’m trying all kind of options… Can you help me out?

its a free templates because we dont make money what so ever on this website/event.

please remove after reading)

Hello there,

Which section’s alignment that should be corrected? Could you please be specific by providing us some screenshots?


  • The reviews are not in the middle
  • The pictures are in a grid not one by one
  • The pages (exept the homepage) is not showing correctly. text and logo. and it is supposed to be a small white text box and a picture beside.