Mobile Nav Menu Not Working @ 950 width!

So I just noticed that the mobile menu is sometimes inaccessible in at a 950px screensize (half screen (windows key + right arrow key)).

If you hard refresh it doesn’t seem to work at first, if you resize the viewport and then try, then it does work, but that almost never happens that someone will do that.

So I’m wondering if this could be looked into, as having the site in a half window is more common these days!

The website I’ve noticed this problem:

Thanks for further information in advance.


Can you have a look at our demo site please? I can replicate the issue on your site but not on our demo site so I’m thinking it could be a plugin at fault, maybe the thing that’s changing the scrollbar.
It’s like the mobile menu thinks your site never finishes loading, that’s why it works only on screen resize.

I’m having the same problem on the demo website and I’ve already tried to disable all my custom styling and plugins, but that didn’t change anything.

The current site doesn’t have any styling nor any front-end plugins that have any effect, yet the problem still exists.

And this as well with other sites where I’m using this theme:

So is there any way to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

The last two websites, along with our demo site seem fine to me. I can do a .gif if you want.
Are you able to disable Cloudflare for a bit?

Thanks for the fast response,

Seems this indeed had to do with the loading of the full page AND that a page does require content (text) for it to work at all, if you have a complete empty page, then for some reason it does not work.

Either way, knowing that then it does seem to be working “fine” as it is!

Thanks for the assistance.

Strange, the mobile menu code doesn’t have much to do with WP pages. Could perhaps be related to the fact that you had the page builder empty. Anyway, thanks for coming back with the solution.