Mobile Menu Only Works Sometimes

I’m having a problem where the hamburger menu on mobile doesn’t open/respond. The weird thing is that it only seems to happen about 1 time out of 5, the rest of the time it’s fine.

  • Problem occurs even with all plugins (other than Astrid Pro) disabled
  • I can’t get the problem to happen when simulating mobile device widths on desktop, has to be on actual device but occurs on many different devices (tested on iphone, ipad, samsung galaxy tablet, android phone)
  • Seems to unfreeze if you scroll to the bottom of the page and then back up sometimes


I’m sorry for the delay here - it looks like we missed this one!

If you still need help with this issue, just reply and let me know.

I have also a problem with the Mobile Menu.

The color defined in the main (PC) version is not reported into the Mobile version.

On the main version I have White Background and Black Text (moving to green when highlighted).

But on the Mobile version, the hamburger is White (so difficultly visible) and the Background is black (so the Black text is invisible).

How to solve this?



We already replied for you in the other topic your created. Please kindly check there:

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