Mobile Menu not working - need help

I’m working on the following site:

It works fine in Elementor responsive mobile view, but the menu options are not clickable and no menus showing in the mobile version.
I’ve checked documentation and previous forum questions and can see there are a couple of things to check but I couldn’t solve it.

Can someone take a look and let me know if I’m missing something please?

Hi Onun,

I visited your link but it doesn’t open on my web browser. Perhaps do you have certain IP blocking at your hosting side?

Please fix it first and let me when you have done it.

aThemes Support

Hi kharisblank,

I looked and there’s no IP blocking and it’s reported to everything being working.

Please see if you can open and help me now.

Hi Onun123,

I had the same issue and it was the AMP plug-in that was causing the problem.

Once I deactivated it, the site worked properly on the mobile (including menu, media carousel and embedded videos).

Not sure if that is helpful to you or not. Good luck!

Hi TeacherLindsey,

Thanks for the helpful reply it solved, desactivating the plugin :wink: