Mobile menu link color not changeable


I am trying to change the color of the mobile / tablet menu on the Airi theme. I really have no clue where to edit it. I am talking about the hover and visited color. I have been through the main .css but am not able to change it. Tried some custom CSS but not working for the mobile nav (it is for other links, but that is not what I need :slight_smile: )

Can you guys help me change this? I want the color of the mobile menu white (hover, visited everything).


You can define different styles from options, but you want to change menu color for smaller screens when mobile toggle is displayed you can use following code:

@media (max-width: 1199px) {
    .menuStyle1 .main-navigation a,
    .menuStyle1 .fa-search {
        color: red;

    .menuStyle1 .main-navigation a:hover,
    .menuStyle1 .fa-search:hover {
        color: #ffcc00;

You can apply it from Appereance > Customize > Additional CSS field.

Best Regards!

Thanks a lot for your help, its fixed!