Mobile menu is not working

Hi Guys,

I have installed this great theme is my brand new website. And also created a child theme. Everything seems okay till now. But the biggest problem is menu is not working in mobiles and tablets. I have checked it in the parent theme as well, but now working. Its working fine in desktops.

Any css or other patch to solve this issue?

website -


Can you try disabling your plugins and recheck? I think there’s a conflict with something there.

Hi. I disabled all plugins. Still is working. Could it be due to creating a child theme? I used child theme configurator.

Depends what if the child theme is correctly configured. Can you switch to the parent theme for a bit?

Can you create and publish one more blog post please to test something?

Yes Vlad. I published one test post. And mobile menu is working now with all plugins activated.
Thanx for the support. But why publishing a post was required?

We use the OwlCarousel script for the latest news ribbon in the header and that script has a bug if there’s a single item (post) in the carousel. So it throws an error and that error stops other scripts from working, like the mobile menu script.