Mobile menu behind Slider

Im having troubles with the mobile menu. It apears behind the slider. I cannot get it to move in front of the slider, even using z-index: -1 as in Mobile menu behind slider on mobile - #4 by sprocket
Please advice.

Ok since I wrote this topic I found a solution but now I’m hitting the next issue.
The slider was put on z-index -1 using the .header-slider class. But now I’m facing an issue that the menu is behind the page.

.mainnav.toggled,#mainnav-mobi is havind z-index 1000 so should be on top of a normal page.
please advice.


Thank you for contacting us. I am happy to help with your queries.

I need to do direct inspection to find out the exact solution. Can you share a link to your website here?

aThemes Support

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