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great theme, I love the design and am getting along very well customizing. But one thing I don´t know how to deal with:
I have a slider on my home page and when I open the website on a mobile device and open the mobile menu bar, the menu items hide behind the slider. I have tried around with z-index etc but didn´t find the right solution.

Link to site:

Thanks for your help!


Hi Uta13,

I have the some problem…
I have been working on customizing the theme which is really great.
However, the mobile menu bar does not work as the menu items do not appear.
This is the link:

Uta13, did you manage to solve this problem?
If yes, may I ask you to share with me how you did it?



Hi Uta13 and heragabor

@Uta13 It seems you have figured a solution.

@heragabor You can work it out by adding the following in your theme’s style.css file. I would suggest you to do the changes in a child theme in order to keep the changes preserved even after theme updates

#main-navigation > .sf-menu > ul {
    z-index: 999999;

Hope it helps!



hi Matty,

thanks for your advice!
I added what you have recommended and it works!

However, an other problem arose :). Although, only the Main Menu is switched off but the Top Menu also appears - despite that I would not like to make it visible thereby I switched it off.

Do you have any idea why I can not hide the top menu?



Hi Gabor,

Glad it worked.

To hide the top menu, go to Appearance >> Menus >> Manage Locations and for top menu choose empty menu from the drop down.

Though I have annswered your query, I would advice you to add new question in a new thread so that we can keep threads exclusive to a particular issue.