Mobile Main Navi Icon color


Hi there. On mobile, the main menu navi icon defaults to white. I cant find anywhere to change its color??

Please help.

Thank you.


Hello there,

To change it with any color of your choice, try adding this custom CSS code:

  color: #000;

You can use either Simple Custom CSS plugin or child theme’s style.css.



Dang. That didnt work in simple custom or on the style sheet. I had indeed inspected the element and discovered it was called “btn-menu” Then I looked for it in some of the php’s to change it there but there are many btn’s it seemed. Besides I would lose the change on any update so simple custom is choice. Still havent learned the child theme trick.

So any other options?


Hello there,

Could you please confirm if the group of custom CSS code where you added that suggested code is error free? You might need to examine it here.



It said valid. Here it is exactly as I am pasting it.

.btn-menu {
color : #d63737;

Oh wait … you mean all the code on the style sheet? Also in custom css hu? Let me try it.


Woohooo … Yes there was an error. I fixed it, and now the code works!

Thank you!


BTW … What could I place in the custom css, in between each customization, so that I know what that code is for and always know for sure where that code ends … That was the problem, there was something at the end of the existing code that was intended for the user, but I was supposed to delete it I guess. Still I thought I would use that non css sentence as the indicater, and further deduced that you could do that. Now I imagine there is a way though … ???