Mobile Issues With Google Search Console

I’ve been trouble shooting for hours. I cannot rule out plugin issues although I think I have ruled out most of them. I thought at first it was an error with Jetpack, but I put the site on a different theme and most of the pages clear the mobility test even with Jetpack still active. Switched back to Fashionistas and they stopped working again (as far as failed mobile tests in GSC.) I also thought it was a mobile theme error because Jetpack depreciated that feature, but in the last update, Jetpack completely removed that option.

I cleared cache between tests so that’s not it.

I have several pages that have two errors:
Text too small to read
Clickable elements too close together

The rendered pages are completely different than what I actually see on a device.

I tried adding custom CSS to increase the font size, but that didn’t work. I removed that CSS again.

I only have a couple plugins running and I tried deactivating them with an change in the GSC mobile test results.

I tried moving from a main menu to a top menu. Cleared cache but that didn’t help.

Here is a link that worked on a different theme but not with fashionistas

Here is one that I just can’t get to work at all (for Google Search Console Mobile)

Again, they look perfectly normal on my IPhone, but the rendered image in GSC is completely different. I think the menu may be the issue.

At this point, I’m hoping I’m just being stupid. Any help is greatly appreciated. I really like this theme and don’t want to change.


Did you try to deactivate all your plugins and test?

Kind Regards, Roman.
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Hey Roman,

Thank you so much for working on this!

That was one of the first things I tested. Just to be sure, I did it again right now. Currently I have no plugins active or additional CSS that I am aware of. The theme should be standard. I also cleared the cache.

I pulled a URL from Google Search Console that was flagged before as not being mobile. It still is flagging even with the current live test.

The errors are text too close together and font too small

I am attaching 4 photos. Two are the rendered images in search console. The other 2 are how the page appears on an Iphone. I put them on one image because new members can only upload one photo to this forum at a time.

Okay, you can try to install the Preloader plugin and see if it helps:

Kind Regards, Roman.
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Thanks again for the continuing help.

Added the Preloader plugin and cleared cache. Preloader is the only plugin that is running right now. The whole page is now showing as not mobile friendly. Even the homepage which wasn’t before. Same errors text too small and clickable links too close.

I am a contributor to the website in question. I have always helped with the site but recently took over managing this site. Someone else transferred the site from one host to another using WordPress Importer plugin in late March. Up until that point, JetPack mobile themes was also active. as you know, JetPack ended that option. It’s not even in the settings after the last update. I also have JetPack off right now.

I looked at the GSC errors and they correspond time wise with the import and the JetPack mobile themes ended.

Could the theme itself have been damaged in the transfer or when JetPack ended the mobile themes? I was also thinking about taking out all widgets.

What’s crazy is the site looks fine but Google is seeing it so different.

I notice in the code that the viewport and content tags are there, but no initial min or max scale. Could that be the issue? image


I notice in the code that the viewport and content tags are there, but no initial min or max scale. Could that be the issue?

I don’t think so. But it looks like you still have a CDN enabled. Can you please try to disable it as well?

Kind Regards, Roman.
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This actually resolved with WP’s update last night. Not sure what applied to the site, but all pages are now mobile friendly again.

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Great! Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.
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