Mobile horizontal view

I have a centered logo in the header menu. If you use horizontal viewing at a mobile, the headline is viewed on top of the logo and menu icon. This error does not look good, how to solve it? (Tried iphone 5 Safari and Xperia Z2 chrome browsers, same problem in both cases)

That’s because there’s not enough space for them. Provide a link for your site please, we should be able to shrink them a bit in your case with some custom CSS.

temporary sub domain before launch is
Do you think the solution is to move down vertical position of headline, text and read more button?


There’s just too much text there. Add this in a custom CSS plugin and it should help by extending the slider area on small screens:

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {
  .header-slider {
      height: 400px !important;
  .text-slider-section {
      top: 60%;

thanks for the code. But it didn´t worked. the title is still on top of the menu icon. I tried to adjust the precentage in your CSS code but it didn´t succeeded. Any new ideas?


Hi Vlad,
I tried to change the code…top:70% and top:75% but the vertical mode will not look good. as you see I am not a html developer :slight_smile:

Do you have another solution for this problem? a workaround? maybe change the height of the image to fit headlines, sub headlines and readmore button i mobile horizontal viewing.