Mobile Header Image



I have a header image that looks great when viewed on a desktop but I don’t like how it displays below the menu when viewed on a smartphone.

Is there a way to eliminate the header image when viewed on a mobile device but keep the header image when viewed on the desktop?




The desktop and smartphone has different screen size and this theme will try to adjust the header image to the screen so it will look fit to the screen.

You can rearrange the header image position also using css code and I would be glad to help you but could you post the URL of your site?


Hello Awan,

I have the site blocked until I am finished building it. Could I email you the website and login info?



Hi, I’m having -sort of- the same question. The slider image on the homepage is cropping on smaller screens. It looks as this is not the case in de Sydney pro-version, correct? Or can it made ‘scaling’ with CSS?


@Micah12 you can send the link to awan.rimbawan101 at gmail

@Henk Ligthart: Could you please to post the URL of your site here?


@Micah12 I’ve just checked your site and I think its better if the header image is displayed smaller when it views in mobile screen. Please try following css code:

@media only screen and (max-width: 640px){
  .slides-container .slide-item {
    background-size: 101% 101%;

  div#slideshow {
    height: 276px !important;