Mobile Header Image

Thanks for the update to Moesia.

I updated to the latest version yesterday and added an image at the recommended width of 1024 pixels for mobile devices.

The problem I am experiencing now is that the header image does not show up at all on my mobile devices… neither on my iphone nor my ipad.

also, on the iphone, the mobile menu button, when uncollapsed, does not push the first post down and actually opens the menu list behind the top post on the home page. Same thing happens on the ipad when viewing in portrait orientation.

I really dig this theme and am determined to make it work for our application. I very much appreciate your help.



Did you make any changes to the code?

Both the issues you’re having are odd. The image doesn’t appear when you resize on PC too on your website, because it seems the necessary code isn’t there. Also, I’m not sure were the menu issue is from, that was never a default behaviour for Moesia and it stil isn’t.

So if you didn’t do any code changes, please make a temporary account for me and send it to vlad[at] and I’ll have a look.


the only thing i changed was the width of the navigation banner with the code you gave me several weeks ago, and it’s in the css style sheet editor.

thanks for your help.

It’s done. You were using a child theme and you were overwriting the header.php file. I changed the code there to the code from the latest version of the theme since you said you didn’t make any customizations.

ok, i guess i thought that any changes to the main theme would trickle down to the child theme.

thank you so much for helping me with this. it’s an awesome theme.

They do, unless you overwrite things from the child theme which was the case here. You really should remove the header.php file completely from your child theme if you’re not doing anything with it because if we make any changes to it you’ll be stuck with the old one.

will do… thanks!