Mobile Header Image & Menu

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I just updated to the newest version and now on mobile and tablet view my top header image is small instead of taking up the first scroll of the screen. Is there a way to redo this or should I just reinstall the older version?

Also, is there a way to make the menu in mobile and tablet view be floating like on pc view instead of stagnate?

The header image now is displayed in full on small screens because people didn’t like it the way it was before. The way it was before you were only getting the center portion of your image on small screens. There is more code involved in this change so it would be better if you used the old version if you don’t like it this way, though I hope you reconsider and use the latest version because the handling of the header image is much better now.

Could you change your image with one bigger in height? It would look a lot better on mobile and you won’t have to worry about using the older version.

The menu thing is not an option. It won’t be properly supported in many kinds of mobiles.