Mobile Firefox problem since 1.72 update

Since the recent update, clicking the “Start” (call to action) button on my Sydney website doesn’t cause the page to scroll down to #primary anymore. Instead the page just jumps to some place halfway in between the top and #primary. This problem occurs only on Firefox and only on my mobile device. Any solutions to this? Thank you very much!


Please try clearing your web browser’s cache, history, and restarting it. Then load your website. Does this resolve your issue or not? Please let me know.

aThemes Support

Thank you much for your assistance, Kharis! I have indeed performed these steps and the problem persists. I appreciate any further tips you can give me! Kindly, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for getting back.

I visited your website again and tried the CTA button works properly. The page scroll to the “Thank you” section when the button is clicked. Can you try with different web browser or network? Perhaps your network has cache in the background.

aThemes Support

Dear Kharis, thanks so much for your continued efforts to help! I really appreciate it. Yes, I have tried different browsers and different networks.

As far as I can tell, the problem exists ONLY with the Firefox for Android browser. I have posted screenshots from the Chrome and Firefox browsers for you. In Chrome the photo of my face scrolls all the way to the top of the screen upon pressing the CTA button, in Firefox the photo only scrolls to about the middle of the page. The bottom of the header image is still visible in the upper half of the screen.

This issue started only happening AFTER the 1.72 update.

Smiles and many thanks!!

here the Firefox screenshot:

here the Chrome screenshot…

Hm… things are getting weirder… in addition to the problem I described above, now when I go to my home page with ANY browser the screen briefly flashes the bottom portion of the home page (roughly from #primary on down) and only THEN shows the top portion of the page with the full-size header image. Further help is appreciated. Thank you so much!

I should also note that I temporarily rolled back to Theme Version 1.71 and the problems described in this post disappeared.

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