Mobil menu doesn't display properly

The menu in a mobile device looks awful, aligned to the left, I was unable to see the menu complete, just partially.
I was checking the forum, but whitout succes.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Hi, After checking the demo for the Newsanchor theme iI realize, that after apply a css code to hide the search bar, mobil menu did not display properly, I remove the ofender css and voila! mobil menu is fine again, I can live with that search bar, but if you can provide the right css code to disable just for the desktop site it will be great!
Reading the forum is a must to learn and to apply or do not apply some changes.

Best regards.
Greetings from Perú

I’ve just checked your site and looks like you are not using Newsanchor theme.

Sorry, client was mad at me cause issue with the mobile menu, ask me to change to a diifernt theme. Altough I explain him the advantages of the News Anchor theme.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
Will change it later.

Thank your for your understanding.

No worries. Good luck! :smile: