I’m really liking this theme and interested in purchasing the pro. However, I have a few sections missing and not sure if it is only available in pro or should be part of the free one. I’m missing the services, employees, testimonials, clients, portfolio, and contact.

Any help would be appreciated,

Nope, they’re not missing and they are part of both free and pro.
Have you seen the documentation page?

I did but it don’t say how to create them and I didn’t do any imports as I didn’t want a bunch of things not needed. but if I did this right, you create them in the content types correct?

Services, employees etc are indeed custom post types in case that’s what you mean by content types.

Ok, thank you.

One more thing. I may be over looking it but for the Our Work Section, is there a widget for that or does it have to be done another way?

Again, the documentation holds all the answers :slight_smile:
There is a little plugin created by us specifically for the portfolio. You’ll find it there.

Yes I have that plugin downloaded and installed, however, it’s not doing anything. I can’t find any reference to it at all admin side.

You just need to add that shortcode in a regular text widget (or anywhere else you need) after you create some projects.

I’m just going to copy from the documentation:

This plugin creates a shortcode that you can use to display a filterable masonry portfolio.

I did that but didn’t look right. I’ll try it again. Just trying to see if I can change link colors now. :wink: