Missing widgets

I installed ‘Intro’ on another wordpressite (olofliliengren.com)

However I can’t find the wdigets/plugins in wp-editor. How do I activate them?


You have to install and use siteorigin page builder in order to use theme widgets on page. You can check theme documentation here https://athemes.com/documentation/intro/.

If you can’t access plugins from WP admin then it can be due to a plugin conflict, WP is not properly installed, or theme files are corrupted.

You can try to:

1. access your hosting account through FTP client (for example https://filezilla-project.org/) and try to delete plugins manually from wp-content / plugins folder.

2. access through FTP client and delete Intro theme, try with default theme, and re-upload Intro theme again and try.

3. reinstall wordpress.

  1. Contact your hosting provider for support, maybe plugins are disabled for your hosting plan.

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Thanks! Got it to work now!

You’re welcome,

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