Missing Widgets

My website is suddenly home to a lot more blank space than usual!

I checked my page set up, and I’ve got several missing widgets through my page.

Instead of my calls to action, services, and testimonials, I’ve just got the phrase “missing widget”.

I haven’t made any changes. My site looked perfect when I visited on 9 April 17 - could this be to do with the update that was done on 10 April 17?

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

My site is www.martinadonkers.com


I just went to see if I can re-apply the widgets. Under add new widget, there are several menus - page builder, jetpack, etc. Under Intro Widgets, there’s just nothing there, it’s a blank screen. I think this might be the issue… :-/

It’s fixed! Not sure what you guys changed, but thank you! My site is back to normal.