Missing Widgets - WP 5.2.2

I have the latest version of WP and I’m trying to stylize Sydney Pro, but I’m missing all of the Sydney pro widgets. Right now, the only ones that show up is Sydney FP Social stuff. Today I downloaded the latest Sydney pro zip file and that’s what I installed.

Hello there,

Have you installed and activated all required plugins?


Yes, except the slider, I’m using a different one.

When I’m in the Widgets area they don’t show up. Now that I look at the structure, I also don’t see the areas on the left for Employees, Testimonials, Clients, Projects or Timeline Events. I have another site that is on an older version of Wordpress I haven’t updated yet and everything shows up. I’m wondering if something happened with the theme install. I’ve put quite a bit of time in to get the front page how I’d like it using Elemenator plugin that Sydney required. The older site I have running the previous version of wordpress did NOT suggest Elemenator and I was using I think SiteOrigin to manage the pages.

I’m thinking maybe delete the Sydney pro template and reinstall it, but I also don’t want to lose any of the stylization I’ve already done. Any help would be appreciated!!

When I’m in Elemenator, the Sydney elements DO show up, so is that a change that Sydney Pro made from the older version using SiteOrigin to the new version? See below