Missing Portfolio Widget


Hi Support,
I just installed perth pro and followed all the steps, however, when I tried to add the portfolio widget, it’s nowhere to be found. Please guide me through the missing plugin. Projects plugin is shown on the control panel on the left hand side.

thank you,



Dear Walter,

There is no widget specifically built for portfolio. You can use the “Text” widget plugin to insert the following shortcode:

[perth-masonry posts="8" show_all_text="See all" post_type="projects" filter="yes" include=""]

For complete explanation about shortcode attributes, please see the documentation.

Make sure that you have set featured images for all of your portfolio items.



Hi Kharis,
Thank you so much for the help, I was using Sydney Pro, and, in Sydney Pro, Portfolio Widget was built in, so I assumed that Perth Pro would be the same. I will remember to read the documentation next time.

thanks again!



I am having the same problem and have downloaded and activated the Perth portfolio plugin. I’m confused about what the plugin is supposed to do. Do I need to create a text widget with the code that the portfolio plugin generates? I was looking for plugin options/settings, but can’t find them.

Thank you for your help.



Dear Laurie,

The Perth Portfolio plugin generates a shortcode function to display portfolio. You can use the “Text” widget plugin to insert the portfolio shortcode.



Thank you for your prompt reply. Still a little confused. Do I edit the portfolio plugin and copy/paste into the Text widget?



Kharis–I figured it out. Please disregard the above question. Now it’s obvious.

Thank you,