Missing page building tab

Hello there,

I have been using the page builder plugin comes along with the Syndey theme to build my website until a few hours ago, when I found the tab is missing. I have done the following steps trying to fix the problem, but not working. Here are what I have done:

  1. I have deactivated all plugins, cleared the cache, and see if the tab is back. It is not.
  2. I have checked “setting” and ensured Page Builder is enabled for pages and posts.
  3. I have checked “screen options” on pages and Page Builder is chosen.
  4. I have deleted the plugin and restored it again, but still not working.
  5. I have ensured all updates are completed.

Any ideas on what’s happening and how to fix it?

Many thanks,

Hello Liz,

I am sorry to hear you’ve run into issue. I wondering if the WordPress default theme doesn’t work with it as well. Please try to temporarily switch to the default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen, and let me know how it goes.